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ABC Sports Broadcaster Applauded For Coming Out – Discrimination Claims

ABC sports broadcaster applauded for coming out – Discrimination Claims

ABC broadcaster Corbin Middlemas has been widely praised for coming out publicly today as a gay man working in the masculine world of sport.

Middlemas, who works for ABC Grandstand based in Sydney, revealed his sexuality in a first-person piece in which he described how he knew from a young age that his love for Aussie Rules football conflicted with who he knew he was.

He wrote how the world of sport is lagging behind the rest of the community in its acceptance of the gay community.

“A retired AFL footballer told me last year he suspects those in the locker room don’t have an issue with openly gay players, but it’s the circus outside that stops players from coming out,” he wrote.

“What does that say about us, as the sports media, and as footy fans more broadly?”

Fellow sports broadcasters have been quick to offer messages of support to Middlemas, including Channel Seven journalist Basil Zempilas who tweeted:

“Bravo Corbie.  Fine broadcaster.  Top bloke.”

6PR’s Simon Beaumont tweeted:

“Onya sport.  I am a massive fan of your broadcasting ability.  Go well.”

Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at Discrimination Claims, also praised Middlemas.

“As more gay people come out, especially those in the public eye, it makes it just that little bit easier for young people struggling with their sexuality, and it also helps smash discrimination and stereotypes when the community realises that gay people exist in every part of society,” he said.

“It’s disappointing we are yet to see one high profile male AFL player to come out yet, but let’s hope it’s not too far away – and hopefully in a few years – none of this will even be an issue.”

If you believe you have suffered discrimination based on your sexuality or gender, you may be entitled to compensation.  For help, please call Discrimination Claims today on 1300 853 837.

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