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Apprentice Negotiates $30,000 After Having Backside Painted In Grease

Apprentice negotiates $30,000 after having backside painted in grease

An apprentice mechanic has negotiated $30,000 compensation after having his backside painted in grease.

The young man’s colleagues subjected him to the appalling incident as part of a bizarre initiation ritual.

As a result, his employer admitted to unlawful sexual harassment.

Male apprentice has backside painted in grease

The man worked for a New South Wales-based company.

His workmates subjected him to relentless bullying since he started working at the business.

However, the bullying turned sexual when his colleagues held the young man face down and applied car grease to his rear.

Apprentice unable to return to work

As a result of the incident, the man complained to his manager and went on stress leave.

Despite the company asking the people involved to resign, the young apprentice resigned instead.

He said the bullying and sexual harassment traumatised him, and now feels uncomfortable being physically close to other people, including his family.

Company pays $30,000 compensation

At conciliation in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, the company initially tried to argue the incident did not constitute sexual harassment.

However, it eventually agreed to pay the apprentice $30,000 compensation.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims says the incident meets the definition of sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment is any unwelcome behaviour that is sexual in nature, that embarrasses, humiliates or intimidates,” he said.

“There is nothing more humiliating, or sexual in nature, than being held down and having car grease smeared on your bum.

“Sexual harassment is unlawful, and can have a devastating effect on victims.

“And furthermore, it costs companies tens of thousands of dollars.”


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