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Apprentice Wins $30,000 After Having Backside Painted In Grease

Apprentice wins $30,000 after having backside painted in grease

A young male apprentice mechanic who was subjected to a bizarre initiation rite has received $30,000 compensation, after his employer admitted to sexual harassment.

The man, who worked for a New South Wales based company, was held face down by his co-workers who then applied car grease to his rear.

He had previously been bullied by the same colleagues, but it was not of a sexual nature.

After the incident, the man complained to his manager and went on stress leave.

Despite the company asking the people involved to resign, the young apprentice was too upset to return to work and eventually resigned himself.

He said he was traumatised by the incident and now feels uncomfortable being physically close to other people, including his family.

At conciliation in the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, the company initially tried to argue that the incident did not constitute sexual harassment, but eventually agreed to pay the apprentice $30,000.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan, from Discrimination Claims, has no doubt the behaviour met the definition of sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment is any behaviour that is sexual in nature, that is unwanted, and is intended to embarrass, humiliate or intimidate someone, and that was definitely the case here,” he said.

“I can’t think of anything more humiliating, or sexual in nature, than being held down and having car grease smeared on your bum.

“Sexual harassment is unlawful, and can have a devastating effect on victims, and companies that let it happen can expect to write very big cheques to victims, just like in this case.”

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment, you may be entitled to compensation,

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