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Camera Operators Told To Not Zoom In On Women Surfers’ Bums

Camera operators told to not zoom in on women surfers’ bums

Camera operators filming the Quicksilver-Pro event on the Gold Coast have been told not to take close-up shots of women’s backsides.

According to Stab Magazine, the World Surfing League has given the instruction, because it fears accusations of sexual harassment.

Camera operators told not to zoom in on bums

Here are the rules for camera operators as outlined by the Surfing League:

  • A live broadcast means there’s no time for editing so all camera operators need to use common sense when shooting.
  • That means wide shots of any competitors in skimpy swimwear.
  • Girls who surf in boardshorts will feature larger on screen than those in bikinis.
  • No inappropriate jokes.  
  • No leering at colleagues or competitors.  
  • Absolute gender equality in all parts of the operation.

Some not impressed with new policy

According to, Australian stars Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons wore shorts in their heats at Snapper Rocks.

However, other female competitors have been wearing bikini bottoms.

Readers expressed their disappointment with the new policy to Stab Magazine.

“So they’re not going to try to wear things less revealing or anything, they’re going to control camera angles to make sure no one sees too much of what they’re freely exposing,” one wrote.

“Watch their ratings wipe out this year,” wrote another.

Relief to many competitors

However, many believe the no close-ups policy will come as a relief to competitors who wear high cut bikini bottoms.

“This is a good move by the organisers,” Ruth Gardner from Discrimination Claims said.

“As a female you notice how often tv and movies focus on parts of the body, instead of what the person is actually doing.

“And it’s unnecessary if they are filming the women surfing.

“Why would they need to focus on their arses?  I mean, would they do the same for the men?”

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