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Discrimination Claims wins $60,000 for bullied bisexual banker

Discrimination Claims has negotiated more than $60,000 compensation for a bisexual banker after he was subjected to shocking harassment, bullying and discrimination by his supervisor. The man was treated so badly that he was diagnosed with a work-related psychological disorder,…

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Discrimination Claims wins $25,000 for worker demoted for brain tumour

Discrimination Claims has helped a medical worker who developed a brain tumour win $25,000 compensation after she was subjected to discrimination for having an impairment. Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at Discrimination Claims, said the employer initially demoted the woman,…

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“Take it or leave it” – older salesman claims he was sacked for refusing to sign new dud contract  – Discrimination Claims

A 64 year-old travelling salesman is taking his former employer to court, after he was sacked for refusing to sign a new contract that would have seen him earn $30,000 less than his current wage. *John had worked for the…

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