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Gays To Blame For Drought – According To Letter From Jesus

Gays to blame for drought – according to letter from Jesus

Residents in one of Australia’s most gay-friendly suburbs have received a homophobic letter claiming to be from Jesus – The Messiah.

The letter delivered to locals in Surry Hills blames gay Australians for the current drought, and for bad weather:

“The recent hailstorm was your warning to turn from wickedness.  Plead with your government, reverse your shameful marriage laws.”

The author takes issue with last year’s “yes” vote for marriage equality, and claims that they were responsible for Malcolm Turnbull being recently rolled as Prime Minister, describing him as “wicked”.

Sydney Lord Mayor, and outspoken gay advocate, Clover Moore, is also mentioned in the letter:

“Tell your mayor to humbler (sic) herself, lest I unleash my fury on her, for inciting such wickedness.”

The author isn’t just upset by gay people, it continues:

“Ban remarriage and unjustified divorce, or I will bring hail in a violent form of destruction and death and delight to brake (sic) your pride.”

Miles Heffernan, Litigation Director at Discrimination Claims, said the letter could be considered vilification.

“Unlawful vilification is when someone incites hatred or ridicule by a public act of a group of people based on their race, religion or sexuality,” he said.

“Certainly sending offensive letters to hundreds of residents could be considered a public act.”

The LGBTI Legal Service recently took 25 people to the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland for posting gay hate messages during last year’s marriage equality postal survey.

Local man Nick, who received one of the letters from Jesus, posted about it on Twitter:

If you have suffered vilification based on your sexuality or race or religion, you may be entitled to compensation.

Please call our team at Discrimination Claims on 1300 853 837.

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