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KFC Worker’s Vile Barrage Of Homophobic Abuse Leads To Dismissal

KFC worker’s vile barrage of homophobic abuse leads to dismissal

A KFC worker has been sacked after being filmed hurling a barrage of homophobic abuse at a gay couple.

The couple had been sitting in their car in the restaurant’s driver-thru when the incident happened.

KFC has subsequently apologised, describing the staff member’s behaviour as “appalling”.

KFC worker’s vile homophobic abuse

Joshua Garner and his partner Lee Walls had been picking up an order for a DoorDash customer at the drive-thru of the KFC store in Illinois.

Following a discussion about the availability of a certain food item, worker Payton Burke began verbally attacking them.

Garner filmed the incident on his mobile phone.

Payton calls Garner and Walls “queers” and “faggots”.

“You can’t do that! You can’t do that!” Garner says behind the camera.

Payton then says, “I don’t give a f–k if y’all are gay or not. This motherf—-r looks queer so he can get the f–k out of here,”

“You’re going to lose your job I hope you know that!” Garner replies.

Shaken up

Garner said the incident left him and Walls shaken up.

“It was like a shot to the heart, like a bullet to the heart.

“It was like we couldn’t say anything.”

KFC confirmed on Thursday that Burke had been sacked.

The company also apologised to the couple, confirming the company does not tolerate sexuality discrimination.

“Discrimination of any kind is absolutely against KFC’s core values, and the behaviour displayed in this video was appalling.

“This employee was promptly terminated by the KFC franchisee who owns the restaurant.

“We have also contacted the guest directly to apologize for this experience.

“Additionally, this KFC franchisee has committed to additional anti-harassment and non-discrimination training for all employees at its restaurants.”

Hate speech

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims says he is appalled by the worker’s conduct.

“The moment you, whether accurately or inaccurately, accuse someone of being ‘a queer’ or ‘faggot’, you are moving into nasty, nasty hate speech,” he said. 

Heffernan says KFC did the right thing by apologising, in addition to sacking the worker.

“If I saw that footage, I would struggle to even ask him for his version of events,” he said.

“I know the law requires it, but I can’t see a scenario where he would keep his job.”


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