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‘Liar From The Shire’ Scott Morrison Abandons LGBTIQ School Kids

‘Liar from the Shire’ Scott Morrison abandons LGBTIQ school kids

The ‘Liar from the Shire’ Scott Morrison has abandoned LGBTIQ school kids by delaying laws to protect them from discrimination.

An inquiry due to report on the legislation will now not do so until 12-months after the Religious Discrimination issue is resolved.

Consequently, the matter won’t be addressed before the next election.

Liar from the Shire kicks can down the road

Morrison pledged in October 2018 to remove exemptions which allow faith-based school to expel LGBTIQ students because of their sexuality.

Just hours before he introduced the bipartisan legislation to parliament, he unexpectedly announced a new bill.

The alternate version allowed faith-based schools to continue to teach anti-gay messages to its students, and called for a conscience vote.

Labor pulled support, and as a result, the change didn’t happen.

Instead of addressing the issue, Morrison then cowardly ‘kicked the can down the road’ by playing a game of delay.

Everything done to delay review

He initially referred the legislation to the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Then the government amended the terms of reference removing issues involving the Religious Discrimination Bill.

This left the ALRC to focus on LGBTIQ teachers and students.

Furthermore, it delayed the reporting date to 12 December 2020 –

In addition to a discussion paper to be released in “early 2020”.

The latest stalling tactic now sets an indefinite deadline of “12-months after the Religious Discrimination Bill passes Parliament” with the discussion paper’s due date now “TBA”.


‘Cowardly’ Christian Porter fails to announce delay

In another cowardly move, Attorney-General Christian Porter failed to announce the latest delay.

Instead, the ALRC quietly announced the decision on its website.

The ALRC hasn’t started work on the inquiry, despite its referral nearly a year ago.

President Sarah Derrington requested an extension to the deadline – allowing for 12-months following the Religious Discrimination Bill passage through parliament.

Even though this may never happen.

The result is there will be no recommendations or legislation before the next federal election.

Attorney-General Christian Porter told The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age the delay:

“…makes good sense as it will enable the commission to take into account the extraordinarily far-reaching public consultation process we undertook in developing the Religious Discrimination Bill”.

The ALRC’s general counsel Matt Corrigan said it is impossible to conduct the inquiry before parliament votes on the Religious Discrimination Bill.

“We will not be starting on this inquiry until either a bill is passed or a final decision is made by [the] government,” he said.

“The two are inexorably linked and it’s not possible to look at them separately.”

Scott Morrison is a liar

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan expressed dismay at the government’s stalling tactics.

“Scott Morrision is a liar, and he is playing with the safety and mental health of school children,” he said.

“Our Prime Minster is a fundamentalist Christian who has no interest in protecting vulnerable young people from discrimination at school.

“There’s a reason he’s called the ‘Liar from the Shire’ – and that’s because he is a liar – and a coward.

“Discrimination has no place in our community, and all children deserve to feel safe when they go to school, no matter their sexuality.”


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