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Parents Of Boy With ADHD Sue Education Qld For Impairment Discrimination

Parents of boy with ADHD sue Education Qld for impairment discrimination

The parents of a boy with ADHD are suing Education Queensland for discrimination.

The couple allege the boy’s school treated him unfairly because of his impairment.

The department denies any wrong doing.

Parents of boy say son experienced violence and seclusion

Julie Connor and her husband Peter claim the school in Hervey Bay treated their son Beau unfairly between 2011 and 2015.

They allege the school subjected their son to physical violence, restraint and seclusion because of his disabilities.

Education Queensland denies any unlawful discrimination, describing Beau’s behaviour an “ongoing risk” to staff and students’ health and safety.

Ms Connor suffered a panic attack while giving evidence in the Federal Court on Monday, and subsequently taken to hospital by paramedics.

Julie Connor taken to hospital after collapsing while giving evidence in the Federal Court.

Impairment discrimination unlawful

Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims says it is unlawful to treat somebody less favourably on the basis of an impairment.

“The law applies in a work setting and also in education and when someone is accessing goods and services,” he said.

“People treated unfairly because of an impairment, or a disability, might be entitled to compensation and can give us call for confidential advice about their options.”



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