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Pregnant Lesbian Abused At Brisbane Supermarket By Homophobic Stranger

Pregnant lesbian abused at Brisbane supermarket by homophobic stranger

A pregnant lesbian mum claims a stranger verbally abused her at a Brisbane supermarket, reports QNews.

The abuse reduced the young mum-to-be in tears, according to the report.

Pregnant lesbian abused by stranger

The incident happened at the Coles supermarket in the Brisbane suburb of Mitchelton.

Ebony and her girlfriend Lisa explained they were shopping when they came across an older man:

Lisa explained:

“My partner encountered quite possibly the most cold-hearted example of judgment I have had the misfortune of experiencing.

“She was just going about her day when a man she describes as being in his mid-50s – completely unprovoked – told her, ‘I hope your baby dies, it’s better off without you’.”

Lisa called the stranger’s comment “quite possibly the most vile and disgusting thing to say to an expectant mother.”

“While she is so strong and exceedingly capable of looking after herself, I hope our community shares my white hot rage at this completely unacceptable behaviour.”

The couple said nothing in response to the shopper and left the supermarket.

The two women later shared the shocking incident on Facebook, and received a barrage of support.


Hesitant to shop alone

Ebony is due to give birth later this month.

Lisa said as a result of the incident she’s now hesitant about her partner returning to the supermarket alone.

“Ebony told me straight away what had happened and we were both in shock,” she said.

“Ebony took it very hard and cried. It affected us for a few days.

“It shook Ebony up a lot and caused unnecessary concern for the baby.

“I guess as an expectant mum, she was already filled with concern.

“So someone saying something like that plays on your worst fears.”


Sexuality vilification is unlawful

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan said he feels disgusted by the incident.

“Sexuality vilification happens when someone spreads hatred in a public way against someone or a group of people because of their sexuality,” he said.

“While this case will almost certainly not meet the public test, it is still disgusting and appalling and hateful and completely unacceptable.”


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