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Brisbane Pub Accused Of Mullet Discrimination

Brisbane pub accused of mullet discrimination

A Brisbane pub has been accused of mullet discrimination after refusing entry to a member of popular local rock band.

As a result, members of the punk rock group ‘The Chats’ have taken to social media to slam Ric’s Bar for its apparent anti-mullet policy.

Brisbane pub accused of mullet discrimination

The Chats claim that when lead singer Eamon tried to enter the venue, staff refused because he was sporting a mullet.

Consequently, the band posted about it on Facebook:

“Rics Bar’s anti-mullet prejudice is total discrimination.

“I’ve been told by someone at Rics that ‘at the end of the day, venues have a responsibility for their patrons and would rather prevent someone getting hit, than waiting to after the fact’.

“How does my haircut suggest I’m going to hit someone?  I’ve never even been in a fight. 

“Prejudice starts with bullshit like this and leads to venues refusing entry to people for all sorts of stupid reasons.”

The Chats in action with lead singer Eamon sporting his ginger mullet.

Bar denies anti-mullet policy

However, Ric’s Bar responded to the allegation yesterday on its own Facebook page.

Management claimed it welcomed Eamon into bar several times on the weekend, however, they asked him to leave the venue as a result of his “behaviour”, not his mullet.

“Despite what some people have been saying of late, we do not have a ‘no mullet’ policy’

“We allow all hairstyles as long as the person is dressed accordingly to venue standards.”

Ric’s cafe – bar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. (

The law

Discrimination law expert Miles Heffernan says anti-discrimination legislation do not cover hairstyles. 

“A venue can legally refuse you entry if you don’t have the right hairstyle, because hairstyle are not a protected attribute,” he said.

“Protected attributes include things like a person’s race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, or physical or mental disability.”

The Chats lead singer Eamon enjoying a pub meal.  (

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