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Sky News Apologises For Interviewing Nazi-loving Racist

Sky News apologises for interviewing Nazi-loving racist

Sky News Australia has come under fire from politicians, personalities and even their own presenters after hosting an interview with racist far-right ‘activist’ – and Nazi champion, Blair Cottrell.

Cottrell, who once called for a picture of Adolf Hitler to be hung in every Australian classroom, was interviewed in studio by former Chief Minster of the Northern Territory Adam Giles.

Within hours of the interview airing, Sky News issued an apology and deleted the video from its social media platforms.

Cottrell, who leads the United Patriots Front, has previously described First Nations people as “primitive”, and was last year found guilty of inciting serious contempt for Muslims after staging a mock beheading during a protest at plans to build a Mosque in Bendigo.

Blair Cottrell being interviewed by Adam Giles on Sky News.

When asked by Giles during the Sky News interview about Islam and immigration, Cottrell responded that Australia “lacked national pride”.

“A lot of western countries lack the national pride that is necessary to galvanise the minds of the masses and to protect the people of this country against foreign ideologies,” he said.

Soon after the segment aired, Twitter went into meltdown, with Greens MP David Shoebridge calling for all politicians to boycott Sky News until it issued an apology.

Labor politician Tim Watts criticised Sky News for giving Cottrell a platform to air his views.

Comedian Charlie Pickering was also critical of the broadcast.

Writer Benjamin Law was one of a number of people calling on Qantas and Virgin to stop showing Sky News in its airport lounges.

Even respected Sky News political host Laura Jayes had nothing kind to say about Cottrell.

At 9.44pm, attempting urgent damage control, Sky News Director Greg Byrnes issued an apology.

Sky News Director Greg Byrnes.

Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at Discrimination Claims, said someone at Sky News has some explaining to do.

“Who on earth decided that it would be a good idea to have a Nazi-loving woman-hating racist on their Channel?” he said.

“I mean, a producer called this clown up and booked him to come into the studio – and Giles must have known who he was interviewing – someone should get their arse kicked over this.

“I’m all for free speech and people having different opinions, but with free speech comes responsibility and accountability for what you say, and if you’re going to give someone like Cottrell a platform – you deserve all the public criticism that you get.”

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