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Surf Life Saving Qld Launches Review To Promote ‘respectful Environments’

Surf Life Saving Qld launches review to promote ‘respectful environments’

Surf Life Saving Queensland will conduct a review of its organisation to ensure they are “safe and respectful environments”.

The independent review of its culture, polices and procedures will be conducted by Suiko Consulting.

It will focus on how bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment can be prevented and how complaints are handled.

Surf Life Saving Qld launches review

The review came about following a number of incidents of misconduct that CEO Dave Whimpey described as “very confronting and quite alarming” .

“We have issues in there with some of our volunteers, particularly issues around bullying, harassment and just general poor behaviour.

“Being a great life saver … doesn’t negate the value sets we stand by.

“This review is about talking to our members, our volunteers, our kids as well and finding out from them, could we do it better.”

Women and children not reporting incidents

Part of the review will focus on why children and women are not reporting incidents if they occur, according to Whimpey.

“We’ve got great systems in place so perhaps we need to do more work around the way that they report these issues.

“We’re looking for the independent advice for a safe place for people to talk to the independent consultants and raise these concerns.

“If they have issues, do they know how to raise them? If they’re not raising them, why aren’t they raising them?

“Because we need this evidence, we need this to come before us so we can make change.”

The review will take place across the state over the next two months, with its findings expected to be made public later in the year.


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Review welcomed

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan welcomed the review.

“Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination is not only completely unacceptable, in many cases it can also be unlawful,” he said.

“It is good to see Surf Life Saving Queensland conducting this review, because those involved in the organisation have a right to a safe place to work and volunteer.”

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