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Transgender Employees Get $55,000 To Pay For Treatments And Surgeries

Transgender employees get $55,000 to pay for treatments and surgeries

Transgender employees who work for software company Salesforce will be offered $55,000 to help pay for treatments and surgeries.

The benefits package will be available to Salesforce employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Transgender employees get $55,000

The money will also cover prescription drugs and hair removal.

Additionally, it will also allow four weeks paid leave for employees to take time off to recover from gender surgeries.

The package includes $500 for new wardrobe and $1000 to help workers with legal problems involved with updating identification documents.

For example, birth certificates and licences.

Counselling services will also be provided to transgender and non-binary employees to help with their mental health.

Benefits package rolled out globally

Salesforce previously offered staff in the US and Canada a $A54,000 assistance package which the company has now decided to roll out globally.

Pip Marlow, CEO of Salesforce Australia and New Zealand, Pip Marlow told the Australian Financial Review the benefits for transgender staff demonstrate the company’s values.

“We really want to make sure that employees, regardless of which country they’re in, can access the type of benefits and support that help them live as their authentic self.

“If you don’t put real money and investment behind your values, you’re not really living them.”


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Companies fight to retain good staff

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims welcomed the Salesforce assistance package.

“Transgender workers already face many challenges, so anything to make those challenges easier is a good thing,” he said.

Mr Heffernan said he is not surprised by the generous offer.

“Companies that want to retain good staff need to offer good pay and incentives to encourage them to stay – so more and more companies are offering packages such as this,” he said.

In addition to the transgender support package, Salesforce recently introduced a range of other perks for workers.

For example, allowing employees to claim expenses for home gym equipment and an $100 day allowance to pay for 20 days of emergency childcare during lockdown.

It’s not the only company beefing up its benefit packages as Aussie employers battle for staff amid shortages and fierce competition.

Fintech company Finder is another company offering extra incentives to retain staff.

It has introduced five days of extra leave for life events such as heartbreak, moving house and cultural celebrations.

Other companies offer staff free cooking classes, company shares and extra time off when having a child.


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