“At the Human Rights Campaign, we believe being acknowledged as the gender you identify with is part of treating everyone with dignity and respect,” Beck Bailey, from the Workplace Equality Program said.

“By providing non-binary gender selection for ticketing and the gender-inclusive honorific ‘Mx’ in user profiles, United Airlines is taking an important step forward for non-binary inclusion.”

Inclusivity is a good thing

Miles Heffernan, Litigation Director at Discrimination Claims welcomed the changes.

“Anything that promotes inclusivity and gender diversity is a good thing for the community,” he said.

“Allowing a person to register as the gender that they identify as, and for them to be publicly acknowledged as that gender, might seem like a trivial matter, but it can make all the difference to someone who once may have felt excluded.

“People who feel included and accepted and respected are generally happier, healthier, and more productive, and that’s a good thing for society.”

The new booking options at United Airlines are now available.

Neither Qantas or Virgin have indicated that they plan to introduce similar changes to their booking systems.

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