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Woman Tim Paine Sexted Makes Sexual Harassment Complaint

Woman Tim Paine sexted makes sexual harassment complaint

The woman who Australian cricket captain Tim Paine sexted has filed a sexual harassment claim against Cricket Tasmania.

Renee Ferguson filed the legal action in the Federal Court, despite a previous investigation finding the messages were consensual.

Woman Tim Paine sexted files complaint

The legal complaint names Paine, and his brother-in-law Shannon Tubb, who both sexted with Ferguson.

According to documents filed in the Federal Court, Ferguson made a previous complaint of sexual harassment against a staff member of Cricket Tasmania.

For example, she claims the third man subjected her to sexualised banter in the office, including a co-worker telling her to “Get on snap you mole”.

The documents allege this is a reference to Snapchat, and conversations with Tubb.

Ferguson claims she made a complaint to the Human Resources manager at the time.

She later resigned from her role, after Cricket Tasmania accused her of theft.

Police subsequently charged her in relation to that matter and she will face the Tasmanian Magistrates Court in January.

Woman releases texts to media

The texts emerged last week after the Herald Sun obtained the correspondence between the woman and Tim Paine that occurred in late 2017.

“We’re both f***ed if this got out,” the woman texted Paine.

Paine then sent an image of his penis with the caption, “True, so f***ed,” in reference to the messages becoming public.

He also told the woman: “I’m about to give something firm a pull, myself I think (wink emoji). Well I was going to anyway ha.”

The woman then attempted to change the subject, saying: “Ha, sorry I’m getting ready for work … it’s a big day for us kids.”

Paine responded: “Will you want to taste my ***? F*** me, I’m seriously hard.”

The woman again tried to move the conversation on, texting: “I thought we were resting hands???”

Paine continued: “Can’t rest them when I’m this hard! Need to ease the tension … Finish me off with those lips then. (Wink emoji) #trust.”


“60 Minutes producer sends dick pic to junior colleague”

Paine quits

An investigation into the matter by Cricket Tasmania previously found the exchange of texts had been consensual.

Despite this, Paine announced this week that he is stepping down from playing cricket as a result of the controversy.

Last week, Paine’s wife Bonnie said she felt sorry for her husband, and had long since forgiven him.

“I have a bit of sympathy for Tim. A lot actually. He and I went through all of this privately in 2018,” she said.

“It broke my heart to be honest. It’s sad that he felt he had to step down as captain over it, and I just think that’s unfair. I felt sad for him.”

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