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Sam Newman’s Vile Joe Biden Tweet | STV News

STV News – Washed up former AFL player Sam Newman posted a vile tweet about US President-elect Joe Biden.

Family Values Politician Caught Having Secret Affair | STV News

STV News – Alan Tudge, a conservative politician who supports “family values” and traditional marriage, has admitted having a secret affair with one of his staffers.

Trump’s LGBTQ Lies Exposed! | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Donald Trump promised to protect the LGBT community if he was elected President – he lied.

Basil Zempilas Repugnant Transphobic Comments | STV News

STV News – Broadcaster and City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas has been forced to apologise after making offensive and repugnant comments about transgender people on his radio show.

Dirty Dyson’s High Court Harassment | STV News

STV News – Four more women have come forward alleging inappropriate behaviour by former High Court judge Dyson Heydon.

Sunrise Sued For Racial Vilification | STV News

STV News – Channel 7’s breakfast program Sunrise, along with host Samantha Armytage and commentator Prue MacSween are being sued for racial vilification.

JobMaker Age Discrimination | STV News

STV News – The new JobMaker wage subsidy discriminates against older workers.

School Chaplain Religious Discrimination | STV News

STV News – Fiona Patten, Leader of Australia’s Reason Party, is fighting blatant religious discrimination happening in the National School Chaplaincy Program.

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