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O-Week Sexual Harassment Warning! | News

First year university students are being warned about sexual harassment on campus, especially during O Week celebrations.

Sexual Harassment – Know Your Rights | Explainer

If you have experienced sexual harassment, you have rights and you could be entitled to substantial compensation.

Drag Storytime Protester Wilson Gavin “Used” By Conservatives | News

Drag Storytime protester Wilson Gavin was used by conservative groups, including the LNP and the Catholic Church, to spread messages of intolerance and hate.

Sexual Harassment – It Happens To Men Too | Explainer

Although women make up the majority of sexual harassment complaints, a growing number of men are coming forward to report being harassed in the workplace.

Nicole Kidman’s Sexual Harassment Bombshell | News

Aussie actors Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie star in the new powerful film BOMBSHELL – about the sexual harassment scandal exposed at Fox News in 2016.

Sleazy McGrath Real Estate Agent Sacked | News

Hot shot McGrath Real Estate agent Adrian Bo has been sacked over sexual harassment allegations.  A number of women have now come forward alleging Bo has a long history of sexual harassment at the company.

Hospitality Industry Rife With Sexual Harassment | News

A survey by the United Voice Union finds that 9 out of 10 female workers in the hospitality industry experience sexual harassment on the job.  Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan says no one deserves to be sexually harassed in the workplace, whether they are employed in bars, pubs, nightclubs, hotels or restaurants.

How Much Money Did Israel Folau Really Get? | News

Sacked footballer Israel Folau is a greedy, dishonest, ignorant hypocrite. WATCH to find out how much money he was really paid by Rugby Australia as industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains the unlawful termination case and what it means for the Australian government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.  Equality campaigner Julian Evans also has an important message for young gay Australians in the wake of the Folau fiasco.

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