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Transgender Queenslanders Can Stay Married – Discrimination Claims

Transgender Queenslanders can stay married – Discrimination Claims

Transgender Queenslanders can stay married when they declare their gender on their birth certificate, thanks to legislation passed by parliament.

QNews reports that trans people in some states and territories must first get divorced before their birth certificate can be amended to reflect their true gender.

Transgender Queenslanders relieved at change

Attorney General Yvette D’Ath said:

“Previously any Queenslander who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery had to divorce their partner to have their gender equality recognised.

“This is not a cost or a consequence any law of this state should impose on members of our community.”

Brisbane trans woman Roz Dickson told QNews she has been unable to change her gender on her birth certificate while being married to her wife of 28-years, Kathy.

“When I transitioned to live as a woman I became happier in myself, a more fulfilled and content person to live with and a better parent to our young children.

“This law means I can finally change my birth certificate to reflect who I am.”

Meanwhile, the Tasmanian government has confirmed it will also move to scrap the “forced divorce” law in that state.

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Reforms ‘sensible’

Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at Discrimination Claims, called the reforms “sensible”.

“It really is just common sense,” he said.

“How absurd is it that someone must get a divorce just so their birth certificate can accurately reflect their gender.

“All of these moves are small steps to achieving true equality for all in our community, and that’s a good thing.”

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