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Gay cops targeted by homophobic boss win discrimination case against NSW police

Four gay officers have won their discrimination case against NSW Police after their employer subjected them to an undercover drug investigation based on their sexuality. The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Christopher Sheehy, Steven Rapisarda, Shane Housego…

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Discrimination Claims negotiates $50,000 for apprentice after dick pic prank

Discrimination Claims has negotiated $50,000 compensation for a 15 year-old male apprentice, after his boss left a number of dick pics on his phone. The monetary settlement was offered after Discrimination Claims filed multiple claims in the Queensland Human Rights…

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Discrimination is unlawful so why are some businesses allowed to do it?

It is unlawful to discriminate against someone based on an attribute like their race, skin colour, pregnancy status, disability, sex, gender, or sexual orientation, so why are some businesses and organisation allowed to do it? For example, why was Victoria's…

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Government delay on ending school LGBTIQ discrimination ‘gutless’

Industrial advocates and LGBTIQ campaigners have slammed the Morrison government as 'gutless' for delaying changes to discrimination laws that would protect gay students and teachers from being expelled or fired from faith based schools. Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially pledged to…

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