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Fast Food Worker Sacked For Getting Pregnant Negotiates $27,000

Fast food worker sacked for getting pregnant negotiates $27,000

A fast food worker sacked for getting pregnant has negotiated $27,000 compensation. Her manager took her off the roster telling her that her pregnancy made her "unreliable". Discrimination Claims negotiated the settlement after filing pregnancy discrimination and impairment discrimination claims…

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Discrimination Claims negotiates $50,000 for apprentice after dick pic prank

Discrimination Claims has negotiated $50,000 compensation for a 15 year-old apprentice, after he was subjected to a dick pic prank. The young man's boss took a number of photos of his own penis using the worker's phone. Discrimination Claims filed…

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Queensland sex worker negotiates $20,000 after being ‘outed’ at day job

A Queensland sex worker has negotiated $20,000 compensation after being 'outed' at his day job. The young man's employer agreed to the payment after admitting his co-worker subjected him to sexual harassment and discrimination. Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan negotiated the…

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Mum negotiates $25,000 compensation after boss refuses flexible hours

A new mum has negotiated $25,000 compensation after her boss refused her flexible hours after she refused to return to work full-time. It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a worker based in their parental status or family…

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