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Myer Apologises After Aboriginal Teenager Was “racially Profiled”

Myer apologises after Aboriginal teenager was “racially profiled”

Myer has apologised to a father and his teenage son after the department store was accused of racially profiling the boy.

The young man had been shopping for an outfit for his school formal when 10 security guards surrounded him.

Myer apologises for security incident 

16 year-old Jaylen Garlett was in the changing rooms at the Forrest Chase Myer store in Perth.

He had been waiting for a shop assistant to return with some shirts for him to try on.

However, a concerned service desk attendant called security.

As a result, 10 guards showed up and surrounded him.

Jaylen Garlett.

Father considering discrimination complaint

As a result of the incident, Jaylen’s father Shem is considering making a formal complaint of race discrimination.

Garlett described the incident in a letter posted on Myer’s Facebook page:

“While my son was trying on shirts I needed to use my phone to contact my girlfriend who was meeting us afterwards.

“The phone reception was bad so I made my way to the escalator area and allowed Jaylen to continue trying on shirts in the fitting room with the assistance of [the original shop assistant].

“While I was texting I heard a call over the intercom calling for security to attend the men’s formal wear fitting room.

“Since my son was in the fitting room I made my way there to see if he was OK.

“As I neared the fitting room the staff from the nearby service desk had gathered.

“I asked the lady at the service desk if everything was OK.

“She told me that there was a boy unaccompanied in the change rooms that didn’t have anything to try on so she called security.”

Teenager embarrassed

Garlett says his son felt embarrassed when the security guards surrounded him.

He tried to explain to the service desk staff member why his son was waiting in the change room.

His Facebook post continued:

“I asked her why she called security for my son.  

“She told me that last week a purse was taken from the service area, expecting me to understand.  

“I asked what this had to do with my son, but no response.

“I suggested that she was racially profiling as the only thing she would have noticed was a young Aboriginal man, in her mind, appearing to be in the wrong place.  

“This is not grounds to make a panicked call for security over the intercom.

“She did not witness any crime being committed.”

Jaylen with his proud father Shem Garlett.

Myer apologies

A spokesman for the company said:

“Myer has looked into this matter which came about due to a misunderstanding between team members when the customer entered the change rooms without any clothing items.  

“There were no other factors involved.

“We have met with the family and apologised.”

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